In 1989 abstract painter and art professor John Beardman bought his property in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. Like many other American artists, especially from the New York art scene, he was fascinated by the unspoiled beauty of this small Canadian island. Internationally renowned artists like sculptor Richard Serra, composer Philip Glass and photographer Robert Frank have made this part of Cape Breton their artists' retreat for decades.

In the following years John Beardman built his house mostly by himself with the help of local workers. His close friend, World Trade Centre architect Kip Serota of Minoru Yamasaki & Associates, did the constructional drawings and visited Cape Breton to supervise the ongoing construction a couple of times.

Beardmans Construction
The house was situated, designed and constructed by Feng Shui principles. One half faces the mountains, the other half faces the sea. The driveway is a double curve with the house hidden from the road and the trees are a buffer from the street sounds. The house is build in a bilaterally symmetrical way to cultivate positive energy in every zone.

Up to 2016 John Beardman used the house in Cape Breton as his summer studio and his personal retreat where he created most of his art work. He painted mostly outside, hanging his canvases on stages between the trees, letting the weather and seasons influence his work. On rare occasions he opened his studio to the public, as he did 2008 with the open-air exhibition "A song of the Woods".

Studio in the Woods Nova Scotia
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In 2017 John Beardman's art house was renovated under new ownership and opened up in 2018 as an exclusive vacation home. The BEARDMANS is literally an one-of-a-kind unique and magical place in Cape Breton.

Vacation Home Cape Breton