House Rules

  • No smoking.
  • No pets.
  • No shoes inside the house.
  • No parties, no outside visitors, no overnight guests without previous approval from your host.
  • If you break or damage something, please report in a timely manner i.e. straightaway. Please contact us if anything is not working or missing.
  • Please sort waste / garbage.
  • Please return the key.
  • No food in the bedrooms.
  • We have constructed stairs down to the beach for our guests. Please do not walk or climb on the steep ocean bank which is endangered by erosion. We try to protect and stabilize the slope by planting vegetation and we hope for your support to preserve this erosion prone area.
  • If you leave the house, please close all windows and doors.
  • Please keep the house free of animals. Squirrels and mice are immediately in the house if doors are not closed. Do not remove the window screens and also close the balcony doors, because Squirrels have no problems to reach the top floor.
  • We have our own septic system, please never flush any chemicals, objects, paper towels or trash down the drains. Please use only the provided toilet paper. Don’t put cooking grease down the drains. It can solidify and clog pipes.

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